Will we really apply the learning globally?

There's no argument that the tragedy in the USA has touched the hearts and minds of millions around the world. And with Obama in charge, he has been able to capture the sentiment exactly right with the right words and hopefully the right subsequent actions. This is a lesson for us all on many levels and the following question also came up in my head.

20121218-202405.jpg The gunman killed many innocent victims and don't we as nations also kill many more innocent victims around the world every single day? If there was ever a lesson, surely it must be about the death and destruction that the human race engages in? I just hope we can learn from this and apply the learning not only within US gun laws but also around the world at large. Killing humans has to stop by everyone, no exceptions, no exclusions.

When you light a candle this Christmas, may I suggest that we do it for ALL the innocent victims that have been killed by humans?

With Love and Gratitude,

Michael X