My values and guiding principles; "Coherence", "Understanding" and "Completeness".

My own story...

We’re all on this amazing magical mystery tour, with life’s many twists and turns.

My journey started in Amsterdam, where I was born. I've lived in Surinam, Ireland and most of my life in the UK.

I started my working career in London in Textiles and stayed in this industry for a massive 28 years. I experienced the whole supply chain and was lucky enough to have sat on executive boards, helping shape and direct companies and more specifically the sales, marketing and design functions.

I had an epiphany event in 2003, which saw me change direction completely and had me discover personal development, NLP and alternative health. I spent 3 years studying a therapy called Kinesiology, which in essence is a diagnostic tool using muscle response testing. This was a fascinating journey and one that taught me a huge amount about myself and human mind and body interactions.

My vision was to teach employees inside organisations how they can achieve wellness at work. However I launched my business at the start of the recession in 2007. And with some early success this fizzled out quickly with most organisations saying that this was a luxury they couldn't afford. That was an interesting response!

I had to re-think my strategy and was lucky enough to be introduced to an e-learning company in 2008 who provided an online learning method for organisations and their employees. I freelanced for about 18 months and this gave me the appetite to follow a vision I've had since I was younger and that was to get involved in the digital world.

I had already studied the meaning of social media and where this new revolution would be heading and decided to study with the experts in the USA in 2010. I did some re-selling for another e-learning company during 2011 and continued to develop my Social Media skills.

I realised that everyone is a 'Social Media Expert' and that loads of people started presenting themselves as such and I decided I didn't want to be a generalist, but a specialist.

It was at the end of 2012, when I decided that I wanted to specialise on LinkedIn, as this was closer to my vision of helping organisations succeed. 

I had also been exposed to video marketing back in 2004 and that was even before YouTube was launched and most of us still had dial-up broadband. 

I decided also that it was time to get back into that sector and taught myself from the ground up how to create engaging and entertaining video stories using a number of different techniques and software programs and currently the most popular one I use to create stories is Whiteboard Animation.

I know that video is massively important and still rarely used by businesses to educate their employees, buyers and investors.

It is also hugely important in training and education and I have also assisted in the creation of a 5 hour mind-mapping video course on, as well as my own LinkedIn Lectures video e-course with over 86 lectures and in excess of 14 hours worth of content.

My focus going forward will be 100% on Storytelling, which incorporates Whiteboard Animation.

I started my own podcast in 2016, 'Share Your Story', where I interview small business owners with 0 - 9 employees with the purpose of inspiring future or current business owners and hearing the story of their journey out of full-time employment and into self-employment. I never had the opportunity myself to learn from those that went before me, so it's my way of delivering these great stories. Some are truly amazing. You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stitcher, Mixcloud, Apple News and of course on my own site. 

On my journey, I also learned huge lessons about working with or on behalf of other people. These lessons were gifts as they reminded me that I needed to work for myself and deliver my own talent to the world.

Well you know what they say; 'You never arrive', so I'm looking forward to the unfolding of more magic on this tour, but until then, here is where I'm at.

Share Your Story

Wishing you massive success in your mission and keep in touch!


I was inspired by @gapingvoid’s idea for a physical culture wall, so I created my virtual culture wall from some images that inspired me. You can also find the culture wall on Pinterest. I took them from my gapingvoid board here.

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This mantra by the Dalai Lama is certainly something I would like to live up to. Do I achieve that daily, absolutely not, but it doesn't mean I can't continue to aim for it.

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This is such a great manifesto, I love it. It's one of the reasons, I have stopped doing some things in my business and focussed on the things I enjoy. It explains why I decided to stop my LinkedIn training at the end of 2017 and instead focus on my love for Whiteboard Animation.