Who is losing out in today's UK politics?


Can't say that I am someone who likes any of the political parties or the politicians that run them, hence my compelling to write this little piece.

Whilst UK politicians are continuing to fight with each other, stock markets are plunging and whole countries are on the brink of bankruptcy.

What doesn't make sense are the messages that they are sending out. They try and contradict each other, looking for incorrect policies or strategies to run each other down.

Let me ask you a question. "Are we in the slightest bit interested what they think of each other?"
The answer I hear you say is a massive big NO!!

Broadly everyone agrees with the message that we have to cut spending and reign-in our expenditure, so guess what, that's what we're all doing.

So why is everyone so surprised that companies are struggling, unemployment is increasing, confidence is low and the public is retreating into their shells?

When consumers stop spending, which is what we are being told we need to do, the economy slows down to a grinding halt!

There is a fact that I learnt from Tony Robbins: "You get what you focus on".

You focus on "cuts" and this is what you will get, everyone starts cutting, companies, consumers, banks, etc. Second fact I learnt, things occur in cycles, the earth is on a cycle, the seasons and life is a cycle too!

Economic cycles occur approximately every 7 years, so if we look back at when the global credit crisis manifested, it will be 2015 before we will start a new economic cycle. This may be a worrying thought for most of us, but armed with this information, you can start to think about what action you need to take.

To believe that we can manage ourselves out of the situation within a few months or even a few years is being overly optimistic. To allow banks to think they can get back to "business as usual" with big bonuses and excessive charges is not even being optimistic but just damn right stupid.

I firmly believe that we will continue to get these economic scares with whole countries going bankrupt until governments start looking on how to inject consumer confidence. Until consumers start spending again things will only get worse.

Don't wish to be a doom merchant, just being a realist.