‘Share Your Story’ Storytelling Workshops

Being held in birmingham city centre on:

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Tuesday 13 August 2019


Come and join us at one of our ‘Share Your Story’ Storytelling Workshops.

It’s a 3-hour immersive session, which will give you the foundations of how to bring your business story alive in everything you create online and off line. You will leave with a blueprint for your own business.

Price: £120 (Inclusive of VAT)

Location: The Shakti Rooms, 3rd Floor Avebury House, 55 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 3RB

9:15am - Arrival and registration, teas and coffee

9:30am - ‘Share Your Story’ Storytelling Workshop

12:30pm - Close and next steps

Increase your skill to share meaningful stories:

  • In digital and online

  • In your branding and off line

  • In your speaking

  • In your networking

  • In your conversations

Who should attend?

  • Small businesses (typically with less than 9 employees)

  • Freelancers

  • Solopreneurs

  • Start-up businesses

  • Speakers - Presenters

  • Trainers

  • Coaches

  • Unemployed (Concessions available)

What is included:

  • 3-hour immersive workshop session, which will give you the foundations of how to bring your business story alive in everything you create online and off line.

  • You will leave with a storytelling blueprint for your own business by recording your own story using the Share Your Story canvas.

  • Bonus free link to LinkedIn Lectures course with 13-hours of on-line video training. Value - £90

  • Membership of a private LinkedIn mastermind group which only the 12 workshop attendees will be members of. This group will support you to follow-through with your actions, share best practices, progress and allow constructive and supportive feedback. Value - Immeasurable!

  • Access to two bonus monthly follow-up mastermind calls using Zoom with just 3 people for 40-minutes. Sign up details and dates will be provided on the day. Value - £130

  • Opportunity to be a guest on the ‘Share Your Story’ Podcast and share your story with thousands of podcast listeners. Value - Priceless!

what to bring with you:

  • Your website copy, digitally or printed - Facebook page in case of no website

  • Promotional materials, flyers, business cards, hand-outs

  • LinkedIn profile, digitally or printed

  • Your story - in your head!

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I really look forward to meeting you at a future workshop ~ Michael 🎈


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It was a very well delivered and engaging workshop which dealt very well with all the different personalities and businesses in the room. There was a great energy and felt everyone left feeling really empowered.
— BCU Steamhouse
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I am a Dutchman who is passionate about storytelling. No, I don’t have any jokes up my sleeves, I don’t tell children’s stories and I’m not even a published author - I don’t even like novels - but I do love writing short stories on Medium.com

In Staying Alive UK, we produce bespoke and visually impactful cartoons and animation campaigns, engaging audiences and giving them a unique insight into an organisation’s story and value proposition. Through collaborations, we also offer Augmented Reality to successfully support storytelling. And of course we deliver the ‘Share Your Story’ Storytelling Workshops as well as a Podcast with the same name. We have been active in Storytelling since 2011.

~ Michael de Groot ~ (I am Groot!)


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