I have organised 3 avenues for you to 'Share Your Story' with the world. Feel free to explore them further and see if they resonate with your own mission.

Social Selling

Our journey on the web has changed the behaviour of business buyers and consumers alike. We will never be able to go back to the old days. Social Selling is the new revolution in Sales and unless we embrace it now, we will have a mountain to climb over the coming years.

storytelling on linkedin and sales navigator

Whether you are a student looking for your first career, an accomplished business professional or a teacher who needs to develop links with employers. LinkedIn is your essential resource to make connections with individuals who can help you to deliver your ideas, business growth and career development.

I support you by teaching you the stages of LinkedIn and Social Selling: Profile, Grow, Behave Social Selling and Sales Navigator®. 

whiteboard animation stoies

We all love stories. We read books, watch TV and visit the Cinema to satisfy our appetite for stories. We also love drawing whether we’re any good at it or not. And watching a story unfold through the medium of drawings right in front of our eyes captivates our imagination. For me Whiteboard Animation is the modern storytelling medium for the web. Discover more about how you can ’Share your Story'.

To truly understand your buyer you have to listen


Social Selling is a philosophy that captures creativity in the sales process and encourages growing your professional network and building close relationships. It's what we do naturally with everyone we meet face to face. But now we can do almost 70% via social networks and specifically via LinkedIn. 

We are all buyers. Our buying habits are governed by how much we respect and admire the brands we buy from. In Social Selling it's no different, except you are the product. With the birth of Social Media we have all become ’Personal Brands’ overnight. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's true. The saying 'people buy from people' has never been more appropriate. Buyers are so much better informed about your profile on the web and more importantly about your behaviour. 

Whether you are a micro business or you work as a sales professional in a large corporate, you will have to ensure that your personal brand is presented in the best possible way and then leverage it appropriately. 

Social Selling is the fourth and last stage in my LinkedIn training programme, which is called ’Sell’.

To learn more you can download a free eBook, which I curated in the middle of 2014. I asked 33 thought leaders around the world to participate in creating this eBook. It's a great read and whether you are a seasoned social seller or just starting to learn about this very fascinating revolution, I highly recommend.

Download the eBook via this link. 33 Social Selling Success tips.

I also deliver a live talk at your event for your senior management or your sales and marketing professionals on ’What's Social Selling?’ for 60 minutes at £300 + travel expenses. Learn about all my training HERE.


Please find below a playlist of episodes of our Social Selling Wednesday Podcast with Bob WoodsTed Prodromou and Michael de Groot

Below you will find a playlist of the recorded Blabs on YouTube. Enjoy!

Join us via http://socialsellingwednesday.com

1. Learn from Mike Gamson how LinkedIn has built an effective global sales team on the philosophy that relationships matter.

2. Listen to Jill Rowley why this is the age of the Customer and no longer the age of the Seller.


Storytelling on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Training

Master LinkedIn and Sales Navigator and doors will start to open...

I decided to teach ’The Stages of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator®’ to develop a sensible structure around how to absorb all the different elements that LinkedIn and Sales Navigator has to offer. 'The Stages of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator®’ are Profile, Grow, Behave, Sales Navigator and Social Sales.

Each week I will deliver a LIVE WEBINAR to help you navigate LinkedIn and update you on the latest changes and developments. These lectures will not be available on replay and are delivered live each week. LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. Whether you wish to develop your career or develop your business success, LinkedIn is an essential tool. Register below for your live attendance.  Each webinar lecture will be about 45 minutes long.  I look forward to seeing you there!

  • Get the latest updates and changes on LinkedIn.

  • Learn how to develop a great profile on LinkedIn.

  • Understand how to 'Share Your Story' on LinkedIn.

  • This webinar is appropriate if you are new to LinkedIn, looking for a job/career move or you are using LinkedIn for lead generation.

  • All webinars are live and will not be available on replay.

  • This webinar series will be FREE for a limited period only.

Register below for the weekly live webinar.

The Stages of LinkedIn and Social Selling © 

In order to assist you with your training budget, please find below indicative pricing for training delivered live via the web or in person at your premises. I'm happy to discuss your specific requirements and prepare a customised proposal.

  1. Classroom Training: ½ day group of up to 5 at your premises - £600 + travel expenses.
  2. Classroom Training: ½ day group of up to 10 at your premises - £1200 + travel expenses.
  3. Webinar Live: 60 minutes One to One Coaching (including recording) 60 minutes at £120 per person, per single stage or all stages at £500.
  4. Webinar Live: 60 Minutes Group Training (including recording) at £90 per person, per single stage or all stages at £350. 
  5. Live Talk: at your event for your senior management or your sales and marketing professionals on ’What's Social Selling?’ for 1 hour at £350 + travel expenses.
  6. Self Study Video Courses: 'Mastering Your Profile on LinkedIn', 2 hours at £35 ($50) or 'LinkedIn Student', 4 hours at £35 ($50). 

Note: all prices are subject to 20% VAT.

If you would like to learn more and for me to get in touch with you, please complete the short form below.

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  1. What is Webinar Live Group Training? Watch a live training session via Webinar online and learn one of the Stages in each webinar. Duration is 60-minutes and will be recorded. This will be a one-way transmission only.
  2. What is Webinar Live one to one Coaching? Engage on a one to one basis with full audio and video online in a coaching session for your own personal requirements. Only one attendee per webinar.

All training delivered will include 30-days free email support.

Share a story to remember

Whiteboard Animation Playlist


Whiteboard Animation is suitable for large and small organisations. I have delivered projects for large corporates and micro businesses. Customers love these animations, as generally we can create anything you want.

I work with freelancers who are professionals that assist me in delivering these projects. I hire voiceovers, illustrators and script writers if needed. By hiring freelancers it allows me the flexibility to deliver projects close to specification, on time and within budget.

The process is quite simple. It all starts with a draft script or outline story that you write and then I take over and proceed with the project as follows.

  1. Editing of the script to assist in making it story friendly for the whiteboard animation.
  2. Creating a suggested visual description of how the whiteboard will play out. Stick people drawings to illustrate each scene.
  3. Getting the Voiceover recorded.
  4. Managing the project using Trello, an online project management tool. You will be invited to join this service. It avoids having to email back and forth.
  5. Establishing branding parameters and obtaining those assets from you.
  6. Producing a first draft in hi definition and transferred via wetransfer.com
We created a very private Whiteboard Animation for Eva's wedding to Pepe Baston, which took place on May 21st, 2016. It was a real honour to work on her project.

We created a very private Whiteboard Animation for Eva's wedding to Pepe Baston, which took place on May 21st, 2016. It was a real honour to work on her project.


  1. Prices valid to December 2016.  Prices are due for an increase in 2017.
  2. Prices are an indication only and a final quotation will be provided after a review of the 'Whiteboard Animation Fact Find'.
  3. Delivery times are approximately 10 - 15 days.
  4. Marketing channels may affect the price of a professional voiceover. TV advertising will attract a premium.
  5. In order for me to produce an accurate quotation, please complete the 'Whiteboard Animation Fact Find' below.
  6. Projects with multiple animations will qualify for a discount.
  7. All projects are managed online using Trello to transfer, branding assets, script versions, video transfer and communication. Trello is free to use and allows links to external file storage, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.
  8. Video is produced in 1080p HD quality.
  9. 50% of payment upfront and 50% payment upon completion.
  10. Drafts will be submitted with a watermark.
  11. Transfer of HD video file will be provided via wetransfer.com without watermark once balance payment has been received.

'Share Stories'. Play these 2 videos to remind you why storytelling is so important. Your mission is to write stories. We will create your story into an amazing whiteboard animation.

whiteboard animation fact find

If you would like a specific proposal, please complete the form below to help me create an accurate proposal for you.

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Please provide any additional information not already covered in the fact find.

why is storytelling so important? - EBOOK

As a Marketer, you have a tough job in getting our undivided attention and you consistently need to reinvent yourself and your marketing campaigns.  In this eBook I explain why through storytelling you are able to get the attention of the viewer or listener. There's something that happens, which almost can't be explained.  As humans we are literally hard-wired to love stories.

Please note: 

The form below notifies me to confirm who has downloaded the eBook. It also emails you with the option to be added to my ‘Whiteboard Animation’ email list.  Because I respect your privacy, this is double opt-in driven, so if you don't take action you don't get added to any list.  Just follow the instructions in the email that follows.

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Any questions or problems, just email support@stayingaliveuk.com

I never take your business for granted ever.


It all starts with a conversation. Over the phone, via skype or face to face, whatever your preference. The conversation is for you to outline your project, your ideas and requirements. It's for me to learn more about what you are trying to solve. Price and cost are important to both of us and let's not allow this to be the focus of our conversation. Let's be creative in our thinking and ideas. How can we create something amazing for you, your business and get another step closer to delivering your vision and mission.

If you'd like to learn more about my terms at this stage by all means you can download these just here.



In the Spring of 2014, whilst reading a book called ‘Collaboration Economy’, something sparked in my brain. What if I could convince a group of ‘Social Selling Thought Leaders’ around the globe to jointly collaborate in writing a short eBook about ‘Social Selling’. If I could convince them to do this all the authors would have a fantastic resource to share the collective ideas, insights and tips with clients and future buyers. And you, ‘the reader’, would learn so much more about ‘Social Selling’ by understanding many different perspectives on the subject.

I wrote a compelling email and sent it to 60 of my LinkedIn connections, who I thought might be interested in joining the project. My goal was 50 articles. In the end 44 showed an interest and inevitably with these type of long-distance projects, 11 dropped out and we ended up with 33 really awesome articles, which are now contained in a concise and very worthwhile eBook, ’33 Social Selling Success Tips’. The eBook was re-purposed by LinkedIn and I am providing this version of the free eBook for you here.

Just complete the short form below to reveal the download link.

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Please note: 

The form notifies me who actually has taken the time to download the eBook. It also emails you with the option to be added to my ‘Social Selling’ email list. Because I respect your privacy, this is double opt-in driven, so if you don't take action you don't get added to any list. Just follow the instructions in the email that follows.

Remember to check out ‘Collaboration Economy’ by  John Spencer Ellis and Topher Morrison

LinkedIn Lunch

Introducing the new LinkedIn Lunch...

For my local and trusted connections on LinkedIn, I am offering you completely free advice and insights about your LinkedIn. You can ask me any question you like and I guarantee to answer it. 

These days there aren't many questions I can't answer about LinkedIn, after all I have been a member since 2004 and an active trainer and coach since 2009, so let's see if you can catch me out.  Put me to the test.

Let's have lunch, LinkedIn Lunch, together so I can hear about your latest projects too.  

As you will appreciate I’m a Dutchman, so we'd be going Dutch for the lunch expenses, but I'm happy to travel to your preferred lunch venue.  Ideally within the West Midlands region.

And only if you're completely satisfied with my advice you might be willing to write a short recommendation for my LinkedIn profile.

You can book a date by using the schedule below.  I prefer to meet on a Friday from noon (to beat any lunchtime rush) till 2pm, but I'm flexible with the finish.

If none of the dates work for you, please use the contact form below to message me with some suggested alternatives, I am of course super flexible!

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