Have you got your "Virtual Business Card" yet?

Belonging to a number of Social Media sites and wishing for half the world to follow you is becoming a chore for most people.  Including numerous links in email signatures, business cards and the like is even more stressful.

So when I found about.me, I was delighted to have the opportunity to create a one page summary about myself and my business and have all of my Social Media links shown as icons or 'chicklets' as they are known in the Industry.  It also allows you to include other url's to your website or maybe specific YouTube videos, it's really very handy.

And as a bonus you also get some stats with it.  You can check out how many times you have been viewed and if it's working for you.  And if you have a great image that you would like to use as background that says something about you or your business then that is possible too.

It means you only need to include one link in your email signature and so what I've done is to register a .me domain in my case stayingaliveuk.me and I include this in my email signature, but qualify it as 'SoMe', which hopefully many will now recognise as the abbreviation for 'Social Media'.

Check it out and see what you think, it's a great virtual business card, which I think will catch on. about.me