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I help people who run small businesses to be more successful using a system that I have developed over the past 25 years called Results Acceleration.

My company offers a done for you marketing service, sales and marketing coaching and advice and training in sales and marketing.

I am a former international sportsman turned leading marketing and business development professional with over 28 years of experience. I have written four highly successful marketing books, as well as over fifty audio and video products.

Website: www.stevemills.co

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We help Companies to grow Sales by making Sales and Marketing more effective.  I do this by finding overlooked sales and marketing opportunities and customising the sales and marketing processes. We have worked with Microsoft, BT, Cimbali, Sport England, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Oasis Authority & 1,000’s of small businesses. We have assisted clients to increase sales by over £100m+ in sales through my training, mentoring, speaking & ‘done for you’ marketing services.

I am a Coach and adviser and I focus on helping my clients to 10X their businesses. I improve a company’s revenue by improving their sales and marketing strategies.

We work with anyone from a single entrepreneur to multi-million pound companies helping to increase sales through customisation of sales and marketing approaches and training processes. The Steve Mills Results Club is one of the most popular online sales and marketing training associations for small businesses – http://www.stevemills.co/resultsclub.  The Results Programme is our cornerstone programme aimed at helping businesses to 10X their business – http://www.stevemills.co/business-mastery/

When I am not working I can be found keeping fit on the tennis court, or at the gym, playing golf (very badly), following my beloved Sheffield Wednesday, or walking along the beach in my new home in Southsea.

Liz Johnson - Composer

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Liz Johnson (b.1964) is an award-winning British composer based in the Malvern Hills, Herefordshire ‘a major composer deserving wide recognition’ (Divine Art). Her music encompasses an immense range from the smallest miniatures to expansive, large-scale, ambitious and multifaceted works. Liz was selected as one of Sound and Music’s first ‘New Voices’ in 2018 which has led to her directing a ground-breaking multidisciplinary project Scintilla weaving music, poetry, dance and live electronics, working with internationally renowned choreographer/ dancer Dane Hurst.

Several of Johnson’s works engage with wider issues of wellbeing: Scintilla explores issues of isolation and mental health, and the series of Triptych pieces for early instruments focuses on female body image after major surgery, inspired by the artwork Triptych – a scarred series by Dora Williams. Johnson has herself recently overcome serious illness leading to isolation. Having now regained her health she is passionate about creating work that allows people to engage with the most difficult issues. Colwall Requiem for Aleppo – a Requiem for Refugees – juxtaposes music for amateur choir and children’s choir with virtuosic meditations and transcriptions of traditional Arabic music for the viola soloist.  ‘I can’t remember the last time I actually dripped tears during a concert. And then she brought us back to a place of hope by the end of the piece so we were emotionally safe to head back into the real world.’ (Liz Garnett) http://www.helpingyouharmonise.com/colwall

Johnson’s debut double album Intricate Web (2017) has been met with wide critical acclaim ‘The Cello Suite is stunning… The music explores a vast canvas… To me, this suite is Johnson’s masterpiece (so far). It is not too much to say that it takes its place beside Bach, Britten and Ligeti.’(Musicweb-International). Johnson’s close working relationship with the Fitzwilliam String Quartet, who recorded the album, has given rise to two impressive large-scale works: the clarinet quintet Sea-change, featuring twenty-five different instruments, including string quartet with Swannee whistles and egg shakers and five different sized clarinets from Contrabass to E flat, and Sky-burial for female voice and string quartet. 'The music is in turn rugged, anguished, languid, and resigned, producing a haunting scenario that will not quickly be forgotten' (Fanfare), sung by vocalist extraordinaire Loré Lixenberg.

Liz Johnson started her career as a Primary School teacher and it was not until her mid-30s that she began studying composing for the first time. Taught by Philip Cashian she went on to gain her PhD at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in 2006. She lectures at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and is currently overseeing a new creative collaboration between student musicians and composers with choreographers and dancers at the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Music clips on the podcast from Liz Johnson's Intricate Web album MSV77206 available to download from Divine Art Records.

Website: http://www.lizjohnson.co.uk https://lizjohnsoncomp.wordpress.com 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lizjohnsoncomposer

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0FwmqhVsY9A3oxyXgpLiH8?si=vXJkOr5UT0-FRrJa0R6eCg 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lizjohnsoncomposer

Intricate Web Album: https://divineartrecords.com/recording/intricate-web-liz-johnson