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I’m going to start with a question, with a proud show of hands who has ever been to the cinema? Great, that’s everyone in the room.

I’m a Dutchman and I’m passionate about storytelling and the movies you enjoy are of course all stories.

No! I don’t have jokes up my sleeves, tell children’s stories and I’m not even a published author. I don’t even like novels.

We produce bespoke and visually impactful cartoons and animation campaigns, engaging audiences and giving them a unique insight into an organisation's story and value proposition. And now Storytelling Workshops too!

You are actually already the biggest storyteller in your life, so why not tell your business story in a fun way?

I also host my own podcast called ‘Share Your Story’, I’m a volunteer with Crisis UK in Birmingham, the homelessness charity and I’m a student of Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Taiko Drumming and Minimalism. Just my way of developing a more meaningful life.

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