0053: Pauline T. Crawford-Omps interviews Michael de Groot

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Mastering the Magic of Gender Dynamics

It’s no longer a game of hard line selling your services and products, the name of the game is building relationships, growing your following, leading a tribe, the future legacy you want to attract is seeded in every conversation you engage in.

As an International Speaker, Changemaker and Gender Dynamics Expert, Pauline T. Crawford-Omps has 30 years of experience in corporate C-suites in the UK and Asia Pacific. She has led corporate and government projects in UK and Malaysia, bringing leaders and teams into a new paradigm for collaboration and conversation. Experienced PhD in Entreprenology, specialising in Business Behaviour, and acclaimed as #MissMagicalConversations, she has a passion to show men and women how to value their differences and work together to deliver that extra zest that beats the rest!

New to the US, I am fast making an impact spotlighting the fast-changing MIND-Field of business and life success for MEN as they discover that ‘working together’ with WOMEN truly requires a new mindset of trust and honesty. Not easy with the pressure of the #metoo movement and high-profile cases highlighted in the news.

As business and life merge, men and women need to create solutions together through magical conversations. The co-creation of new rules between gender dynamics is not merely a suggestion but an imperative for exponential growth. When an open mind perspective and a high level of heart-logic creates not only expansive results today but a legacy for tomorrow’s generation. Where a little magic in your communication goes a long way to ensuring not only your wealth in deal-making but good health in your whole life!

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