0056: Adrian Nantchev - Entrepreneur

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Indecision! After graduating from university in 2014 I was unsure what to do. By chance I discovered Coursera and learnt about some subjects I had an interest about. 

Starting with USA's constitution and then branched into economics, finances, marketing and business management.

Coming from non business background all the topics were new to me and a lot of the things. I was beginning to learn learning about were in stark contrast to what I had been brought up on.

Soon after I discovered my love of reading. Reading books such as the '4 Hour Work Week', 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', 'Richest Man in Babylon', 'Think and Grow Rich'. After reading them, there was no turning back.

In late November 2014 I decided to start my first business; Game Overload. It was launched in late January 2015. In the end I bit off more than I could chew with this business. I tried pivoting the business, but the passion slowly burnt out.

Always learning, always reading, always expanding comfort zone, always creating win-win scenarios.

Always adding value into the world. Masters do whatever it takes.

Remember, you either win or you learn. And by learning you are developing deeper roots for success. You can do more good in the world when you are rich.

How you do anything, is how you do everything" - T. Harv Ecker.

Website: https://www.globalhempexports.com 

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