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Hi, my name is Esther. I am originally Dutch, but I live in France for many years!  I support women online to feel good and energised. I use Qigong which is Chinese yoga and Reconnective Healing. The Qigong exercises are easy and give you an instant boost of energy. It helps you calm your mind. You can say it is meditation in motion and at the same time you work on relaxing your muscles. Sounds cool doesn’t it! Reconnective Healing is a treat. A treat for yourself. It supports balance on physical, emotional and mental levels. Many imbalances can be resolved in a session so you start to feel good and aligned again. It is like an upgrade of your system. I also treat animals which makes me feel very happy. In my private life I enjoy good food, art, architecture, the ocean, my doggie and all the good life has to offer. 

Hope to meet you soon! ~ Esther Pesie

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