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Steve Mills - Raise Your Game

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I help people who run small businesses to be more successful using a system that I have developed over the past 25 years called Results Acceleration.

My company offers a done for you marketing service, sales and marketing coaching and advice and training in sales and marketing.

I am a former international sportsman turned leading marketing and business development professional with over 28 years of experience. I have written four highly successful marketing books, as well as over fifty audio and video products.


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We help Companies to grow Sales by making Sales and Marketing more effective.  I do this by finding overlooked sales and marketing opportunities and customising the sales and marketing processes. We have worked with Microsoft, BT, Cimbali, Sport England, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Oasis Authority & 1,000’s of small businesses. We have assisted clients to increase sales by over £100m+ in sales through my training, mentoring, speaking & ‘done for you’ marketing services.

I am a Coach and adviser and I focus on helping my clients to 10X their businesses. I improve a company’s revenue by improving their sales and marketing strategies.

We work with anyone from a single entrepreneur to multi-million pound companies helping to increase sales through customisation of sales and marketing approaches and training processes. The Steve Mills Results Club is one of the most popular online sales and marketing training associations for small businesses –  The Results Programme is our cornerstone programme aimed at helping businesses to 10X their business –

When I am not working I can be found keeping fit on the tennis court, or at the gym, playing golf (very badly), following my beloved Sheffield Wednesday, or walking along the beach in my new home in Southsea.

Liz Johnson - Composer

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Liz Johnson (b.1964) is an award-winning British composer based in the Malvern Hills, Herefordshire ‘a major composer deserving wide recognition’ (Divine Art). Her music encompasses an immense range from the smallest miniatures to expansive, large-scale, ambitious and multifaceted works. Liz was selected as one of Sound and Music’s first ‘New Voices’ in 2018 which has led to her directing a ground-breaking multidisciplinary project Scintilla weaving music, poetry, dance and live electronics, working with internationally renowned choreographer/ dancer Dane Hurst.

Several of Johnson’s works engage with wider issues of wellbeing: Scintilla explores issues of isolation and mental health, and the series of Triptych pieces for early instruments focuses on female body image after major surgery, inspired by the artwork Triptych – a scarred series by Dora Williams. Johnson has herself recently overcome serious illness leading to isolation. Having now regained her health she is passionate about creating work that allows people to engage with the most difficult issues. Colwall Requiem for Aleppo – a Requiem for Refugees – juxtaposes music for amateur choir and children’s choir with virtuosic meditations and transcriptions of traditional Arabic music for the viola soloist.  ‘I can’t remember the last time I actually dripped tears during a concert. And then she brought us back to a place of hope by the end of the piece so we were emotionally safe to head back into the real world.’ (Liz Garnett)

Johnson’s debut double album Intricate Web (2017) has been met with wide critical acclaim ‘The Cello Suite is stunning… The music explores a vast canvas… To me, this suite is Johnson’s masterpiece (so far). It is not too much to say that it takes its place beside Bach, Britten and Ligeti.’(Musicweb-International). Johnson’s close working relationship with the Fitzwilliam String Quartet, who recorded the album, has given rise to two impressive large-scale works: the clarinet quintet Sea-change, featuring twenty-five different instruments, including string quartet with Swannee whistles and egg shakers and five different sized clarinets from Contrabass to E flat, and Sky-burial for female voice and string quartet. 'The music is in turn rugged, anguished, languid, and resigned, producing a haunting scenario that will not quickly be forgotten' (Fanfare), sung by vocalist extraordinaire Loré Lixenberg.

Liz Johnson started her career as a Primary School teacher and it was not until her mid-30s that she began studying composing for the first time. Taught by Philip Cashian she went on to gain her PhD at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in 2006. She lectures at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and is currently overseeing a new creative collaboration between student musicians and composers with choreographers and dancers at the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Music clips on the podcast from Liz Johnson's Intricate Web album MSV77206 available to download from Divine Art Records.





Intricate Web Album:

Neale Wood - Talk ‘n’ Walk

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Having suffered from PTSD and the ailments that are often connected to a breakdown. Such as Anxiety and Panic Attacks, sever Depression and a self loathing and hatred of what I had become. My Hero Story I feel is more about what I did to overcome these debilitating illnesses.

For me as a guy now in his 50's, I had no idea what Stress was and to be fare thought that it was weak minded people that needed to get a grip. I never believed that I would suffer from it, never mind the fact that I tried to 'check out' and end it all. It was the most terrifying and debilitating illness I have ever suffered from and for many, many months the fight to survive hung in the balance, a balance I had no CONTROL over.

I had been brought up to believe men should be big, strong, never need help and not to show emotional weakness and protect.

Nothing prepared me for what happened and it was my core programming that was the real issue for my mental health state, or lack of it.

The rest you can find out by listening  to my interview and visiting my website/FB page, or watch my videos and blogs.

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Lindsay Milner - Meaningful Work

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Lindsay is the owner of Silvern Training, and is on a mission to help people look forward to Monday mornings and love going in to work. So many people hate their work, and we spend too long in the workplace for it to be like that. 

Lindsay has had a very varied working life, doing everything from admin, volunteering, sales, teaching, training, fundraising, management and chairing a board of charity trustees.  Almost 20 years working in the public sector in administration and management, followed by almost 20 years career in the voluntary sector, including board level experience. 

Loves to see people develop their confidence, so that they can speak up appropriately. Takes great joy in helping people to enjoy a rewarding working life that fulfils their potential.

As a member of a Toastmasters International club since 2010, supports members in their public speaking journey, and sees at first hand how encouragement, support and practice makes a difference to confidence.  Meetings every second and fourth Monday at 6.30 at the Novotel Broad Street, Birmingham. Visitors welcome.

Loves books, especially personal development books, and can be found reviewing them on You Tube #abookinfiveminutes.

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Twitter - @silverntrainuk

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Bulling Speakers website – 

Jack Hamilton Fellows - The Social Mercenary

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Loughborough Graduate 2019 with entrepreneurial tendencies. Started 3 companies during my studies: Personal Training, Import & Export of Hazelnuts and most recently an ethical clothing company, The Social Mercenary.

Interesting facts: My first job was in Nuclear Engineering. I like finance - coming second in a competition at Microsoft Asia HQ. I'm obsessed with self-development, lifting myself out of depression and regular panic attacks. I'm binary, it's 100% or nothing. I love going on adventures especially skiing or surfing. 

One of my hardest challenges to date. Opened up trading with ethical factories in Ghana. Raised £10,000 on Kickstarter in 2017 to begin the project, being featured in National Press. Donated backpacks to be filled as Xmas parcels for the homeless. Generated £40,000 in turnover from the first year of trading. So far we have sold 1000 backpacks and now sell a range of accessories.



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Dan Murray-Serter - It's a New Dawn

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Dan is an award-winning entrepreneur, public speaker, angel investor, Podcast Host, and cat lover.

Previously the Co-Founder of the UK’s top mobile Shopping app, Grabble & chart-topping viral sensation movie app Popcorn, he won Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.

Now, over 30, he can no longer claim to be young, but his new startup ‘Dawn’ aims to keep him and others feeling fresh as a “Human Potential Company”, providing content, community & products geared towards optimising cognitive performance.

His Podcast Secret Leaders is one of the most popular entrepreneurship Podcasts in the UK with over 1 million downloads. It features some of the UK’s best leaders from Royal Princes to Unicorns and even a Dragon from the Den, alongside other household names such as Jo Malone, Rankin & founders of Deliveroo, Calm, Just Giving, Shazam, Just Eat, Mumsnet and many more.

He is Co-Founder of Foundrs, a community of entrepreneurs in London and LA, supporting ‘founder sustainability’ in order to avoid the inevitable burn out, by offering community support, events and retreats for ambitious founders to reconnect and find balance outside the boardroom.

He is a regular Public Speaker having hosted CogX - the World’s largest AI Conference (and will again in 2019), to Keynoting or Speaking on a variety of topics from Innovation, Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce trends for clients ranging from Unilever to Facebook but his favourite gig was his TEDx Talk: “Can Laughter Build Resilience”.

In his spare time, he writes for Forbes, sits on the board for Ovarian Cancer Action, hugs his cats, and admires their 10k followers on Instagram @archieandbells.



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Richard Leighton - Part 1 - The Social Entrepreneur

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This is part 1 of a 2-part interview. Part 1 sets the scene and part 2 will give far more context around what Richard is up to and where his future lies as a Social Entrepreneur.

Richard Leighton is Britain’s first male employed as a Social Entrepreneur in Residence. Apart from being entrepreneurial, creative and innovative, he has a proven track record in the design, development, implementation and management of projects, programmes, initiatives and enterprises. 

And he started his vision at a very young age, he doesn’t even remember fully where he got the drive from. He puts it down to his father’s multiple redundancies in journalism and definitely the kindness of his parents ensured he subconsciously was drawn towards social causes.

  • 2016 Participated in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur programme

  • 2015 Raised £2m investment to create new social enterprise initiatives

  • 2014 Fashion Education in Prisons Programme awarded the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award for reducing reoffending and improving rehabilitation

  • 2013 Fashion Education in Prisons Programme won the Times Higher Education Outreach Initiative of the Year Award for a University in the UK

  • 2012 One of five short-listed finalists for the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award and winner of the Youth-led Social Enterprise of the Year in England award for Forgotten Vintage in the Social Enterprise UK annual social enterprise awards 

  • 2011 Invited to become a Fellow of the RSA

  • 2010 First male in Britain employed as a Social Entrepreneur in Residence

  • 2010 Named as one of the Daily Mail’s Top 20 Young Social Entrepreneurs in the UK as part of its Enterprising Young Brits Awards

  • 2009 Invited to become a Young Business Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and the government’s Make Your Mark Campaign

  • 2009 Named in the Observer Future 500 list and named as one of the Guardian’s Top 100 Ethical Young Entrepreneurs in the UK

  • 2008 Gained a scholarship to School for Social Entrepreneurs in London

  • 2005 One of only three selected to display their portfolio at London Graduate Fashion Week on the BA (Hons) Fashion Design Management course

  • 2004 Only student to have a collection displayed in the University of Leeds Graduate Fashion Show on BA (Hons) Fashion Design Management course 



Amir Bormand - Technology Recruitment

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Amir Bormand is the Co-founder of Elevano, a California- based recruitment company, who helps hundreds of people find more fulfilling jobs every year.

Amir is unique to the recruiting industry because he is a former engineer himself— and could still jot out a few lines of code! He’s seen the technical recruiting game from both sides, and during his engineering career, he constantly saw agency recruiters take shortcuts and use deceptive practices all for their own benefit.

That’s why, in his current position as Co-founder of Elevano, he encourages a candidate-centric approach to every aspect of technical recruiting and sales. His overriding desire is to smash the negative stigma left by current recruitment strategies, and replace it with a more transparent, honest and empathetic service offering.

When he’s not working, Amir enjoys spending time with his families and traveling. He and his wife have a 5-year-old daughter, who keeps him busy with the latest trends in Disney cartoons, you might just catch him humming Disney movie theme songs!




Deepak Shukla - SEO Adventurer

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Deepak Shukla is the Founder of Pearl Lemon, an award-winning SEO agency in London.

He bootstrapped the business from his mum’s place to a £275k company in less than 24 months. He’s since gone on to invest in algorithmic trading, launch 5-figure online courses and continues to grow.

Deepak has featured in TEDx, SEMrush, BBC, Chelsea FC, Appsumo, Bright Talks & more

When he's not running his agency, you'll find him running marathons (24 so far) completing Ironmen (2 so far), getting inked (40% body coverage) or playing with his cat Jenny. 

Websites: | | 



0061: Mitchell Levy - Unlocking Genius

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Mitchell Levy (pronounced Lee Vee) is The AHA Guy at AHAthat ( who empowers experts, thought leaders, and businesses to share their genius. His superpower is extracting the genius from your head in a two-hour interview so that his team can ghostwrite your book and make you an Amazon bestselling author.

He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 800 books. Mitchell is a TEDx speaker and international bestselling author with sixty business books.In addition to these accomplishments, he’s been happily married for twenty-nine years and regularly spends four weeks annually in a European country with his family and friends. 

Mitchell's email:

Mitchell’s phone number: +1 408-257-3000

Speaking site:

TEDx Talk: Being Seen & Being Heard as a Thought Leader


AHAthat Radio:







Consulting site:

LinkedIn Thought Leadership Best Practices Group: 

Thought Leader Life:

0060: David Jolly - Digital Marketer

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Digital Marketer with 4+ years’ experience leading online strategies and implementation of digital projects and marketing campaigns. 

4 years’ experience in SEO, content marketing & social media. Advanced skills in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Wordpress, Hootsuite, Buffer, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Facebook Business & Advert Manager, Twitter Analytics, Bing Business & Advert Manager and more. 2 years’ experience of project management of agencies and working on behalf of companies to deliver their content strategy. 

Key Achievements: 

  • Awarded 'Best Use of Social media' at the Insurance Times Awards on behalf of Norton Insurance. Competing and beating large insurance companies like Admiral to the award. 

  • Contributed through advertising and marketing to a 27% increase in sales for 2017, compared to 2016

  • Increased sales from Facebook for Norton Insurance by 197% since I adopted a Social media led strategy in 2017  

  • Managing a 424% increase in sales through Google PPC for the Heritage brand in 2017

  • 89% increase in race entries for a 2015 Triathlon compared to the previous year, through social media and email advertising, plus PR.




0059: Frank Bennett - Head in the Cloud

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A 35-year career in Information technology with international experience in varied business scenarios: start-up, turnaround, .com, market leader, all presenting different challenges and outcomes.  Deal experience in consortia bidding, trade sale and Initial Public Offering.  

An early pioneer of cloud computing and recognised by Microsoft and Google as a subject matter expert in this field with seven books published for Microsoft and two for Google. 

Now with a portfolio career he was awarded the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma (2015) and is qualified to advise on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) following completion of the GDPR Transition Programme at Henley Business School.





Son’s Websites: 

Current positions

Co-founder and Director Digi-Board Limited 

Co-founder, Inventor and Director MTR (Europe) Limited 

Deputy Chair Cloud Industry Forum

Director Federation Against Software Theft

Board Advisor to C-Digital Studio

Board Advisor to Behind Every Cloud

Independent Expert to European Union Horizon 20:20 programme

Mentor to Microsoft Startups (London)

Fellow of the RSA

Member of IoD

Member of EY Independent Director Programme

Affiliate member ICSA:Governance Institute

Financial Times NED Alumni (invitation only)

0058: Tracy Lindley - Voice Actor

0058: Tracy Lindley - Voice Actor - share your story podcast.jpeg

Tracy is a mother of four kids under 10, a full-time voice actor since 2014, and lives just north of Kansas City, Missouri. She loves working with non-profits, but she has also voiced hundreds of commercials for clients like Amazon, Microsoft, Subaru, Walmart, and McDonalds. She is known for her fun personality, karaoke skills, and spontaneous dance moves.

She has been teaching other freelancers and entrepreneurs how to build their client base through a free LinkedIn account since 2016, and now offers an online course called The LinkedIn Edge at When not working, she loves to play games with her kids, eat sushi with her husband, and run to support her eating habit.  






0057: Nick Davies - Really Great Training

Podcast - Nick Davies - Really Great Training.jpeg

Hi, I’m Nick Davies. I’m a tall Mancunian, Blue Peter badge winner and the bloke who owns ‘The Really Great Training Company.’ My background’s in law and business. I’ve been a sales rep, a sandwich maker, and even sold shoes for Russell & Bromley for 6 years - where David Beckham and Vera Duckworth were customers. I’ve also been the director responsible for business development at two limited companies, and started 4 businesses of my own. 

I qualified as a barrister as a mature student and even practised … for 6 months (the wig just wasn’t me.) As a trainer and coach in a range of communication skills, I travel the country, teaching bankers, lawyers, actuaries, civil servants and business people how to pitch, present, network, sell and persuade. 

My clients range from global legal practices and financial institutions to small, owner-managed firms as well as The Royal Household (a kind of more grand owner-managed firm.) 

When I’m not training and coaching I perform stand-up, deliver after-dinner speeches and host award ceremonies. Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to have worked and shared stages with a buffet of reasonably well-known people; including: The Rt. Hon. Michael Portillo, Sir Digby Jones, Jenny Bond, Kate Adie, Roger Black MBE, Alan Hansen, Frankie Boyle and Alastair Campbell.





Amazon: How to Be Great at The Stuff You Hate: 

0056: Adrian Nantchev - Entrepreneur

Adrian Nantchev - share your story podcast.jpeg

Indecision! After graduating from university in 2014 I was unsure what to do. By chance I discovered Coursera and learnt about some subjects I had an interest about. 

Starting with USA's constitution and then branched into economics, finances, marketing and business management.

Coming from non business background all the topics were new to me and a lot of the things. I was beginning to learn learning about were in stark contrast to what I had been brought up on.

Soon after I discovered my love of reading. Reading books such as the '4 Hour Work Week', 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', 'Richest Man in Babylon', 'Think and Grow Rich'. After reading them, there was no turning back.

In late November 2014 I decided to start my first business; Game Overload. It was launched in late January 2015. In the end I bit off more than I could chew with this business. I tried pivoting the business, but the passion slowly burnt out.

Always learning, always reading, always expanding comfort zone, always creating win-win scenarios.

Always adding value into the world. Masters do whatever it takes.

Remember, you either win or you learn. And by learning you are developing deeper roots for success. You can do more good in the world when you are rich.

How you do anything, is how you do everything" - T. Harv Ecker.







0055: Ian Moyse - Sales Leader in the Cloud

Ian Moyse - Share Your Story Podcast.jpeg

Ian has been a leader in the cloud industry for over 12 years and sat on the Boards of Eurocloud, FAST and the Cloud Industry Forum and in 2016- 2018 Ian was a judge on the UK Cloud Awards.  Ian has been rated #1 Global SaaS influencer (Klout) and #1 cloud Social influencer from 2015-2017 (Onalytica). He is recognised as a leading cloud Blogger and was listed in the EMEA top 50 influencers in Data Centres, Cloud & Data 2017.

He is widely published on Cloud and is an approved writer for Cloudtech and has been published by the National Computing Centre. Ian was awarded UK Sales Director of the year by Institute of Sales Management (ISM) and is widely known as a leading Social Seller sitting as a non exec on Digital Leadership Associates. 

Ian is a Sales Leader at Cloud Telephony Provider Natterbox –

0054: Pauline T. Crawford-Omps - Gender Dynamics

Pauline T. Crawford-Omps - #shareyourstory.jpeg

A sociologist, business psychologist, corporate image consultant and social entrepreneur; Dr Pauline Crawford-Omps is acclaimed internationally as an expert in behaviour, has designed a as unique Gender Dynamics© framework, leads on Magical Conversations, and advises on business culture transformation with Entreprenological Education.

She has personally evolved her own techniques for teaching how to engage a magical conversation style that impacts wealth, wisdom and well-being. She is a highly effective connector, experienced in recognising valuable opportunities to bring people together for mutual business and personal relationship benefits, collaborative living and working adding a sound values-based perspective and a robust new Gender Dynamics© blueprint for 21st century evolution.

Pauline’s passion is to engage leaders in collaborative, change-focused conversations that help both men and women to co-create a successful future. Uniquely she applies logical, practical approach, blended with emotional and behavioural exploration to enable her clients and audiences to transform from the inside out, mindfully, and imaginatively.

30 years as a successful consultant, with a primary expertise in Confidence Building, Behavioural Excellence, Communication Styles, Performance Mastery, Magical Conversations and Gender Dynamics©.   

Her early career includes work in tourism, marketing, creative design, image consultancy, and business psychology, and since 1989 her own consultancies; Crawford Associates, Crawford Tremblay Associates, and Corporate Heart Ltd.

She leads High-Impact Communication Workshops, Magical Conversations, Gender Dynamics© Communication and Gender Intelligence Leadership.

Her current work is hugely important in view of the current #metoo movement.






Instagram: https://instagram/paulinecrawford 

0053: Pauline T. Crawford-Omps interviews Michael de Groot

Pauline T. Crawford-Omps and Michael de Groot.jpeg

Mastering the Magic of Gender Dynamics

It’s no longer a game of hard line selling your services and products, the name of the game is building relationships, growing your following, leading a tribe, the future legacy you want to attract is seeded in every conversation you engage in.

As an International Speaker, Changemaker and Gender Dynamics Expert, Pauline T. Crawford-Omps has 30 years of experience in corporate C-suites in the UK and Asia Pacific. She has led corporate and government projects in UK and Malaysia, bringing leaders and teams into a new paradigm for collaboration and conversation. Experienced PhD in Entreprenology, specialising in Business Behaviour, and acclaimed as #MissMagicalConversations, she has a passion to show men and women how to value their differences and work together to deliver that extra zest that beats the rest!

New to the US, I am fast making an impact spotlighting the fast-changing MIND-Field of business and life success for MEN as they discover that ‘working together’ with WOMEN truly requires a new mindset of trust and honesty. Not easy with the pressure of the #metoo movement and high-profile cases highlighted in the news.

As business and life merge, men and women need to create solutions together through magical conversations. The co-creation of new rules between gender dynamics is not merely a suggestion but an imperative for exponential growth. When an open mind perspective and a high level of heart-logic creates not only expansive results today but a legacy for tomorrow’s generation. Where a little magic in your communication goes a long way to ensuring not only your wealth in deal-making but good health in your whole life!






0052: Natalie Hailey - Hot Content!

Podcast Natalie Hailey.jpeg

I set up Hot Content to help businesses with their blogging and content; I love writing and it seemed there was a real need for quality content for those who wanted to outsource this element of their business. However, as time has gone on, the teacher in me has taken over – I did always dream of being a teacher… and then I had my own children and realised perhaps being in a confined space with more than 20 of them perhaps wasn’t for me!

I now love to teach the principles of content marketing and never tire from helping people go from confused, overwhelmed and frustrated to relieved, in control and energised. I truly believe that with the right help and a patient teacher, anyone can take control of their own online marketing and enjoy the benefits of increased brand awareness, audience engagement and leads.






0051.2: Gabriella van Rij - The Kindness Expert - #DaretobeKind - Part 2

Podcast Promo Release part 2.001.jpeg

Gabriella van Rij [pronounced “Ray”] began her life as an orphan in Pakistan and without the determination and kindness of two strangers she would not have been adopted into her new family. Today, Gabriella is the founder of the #DaretobeKind movement, a kindness expert, and a keynote speaker. With a brave and compassionate voice, she speaks at businesses, universities, corporate training events, school assemblies, community centers, places of worship, and on network shows. Her uplifting talks motivate, challenge, and provide the groundwork for lasting progress. 

She is an acclaimed author of three books. With All My Might is her mesmerising memoir of one of the first cross-cultural adoptions. I Can Find My Might is part self-help, part practical resource for students, parents, and educators. Gabriella’s personal experience creates a boots-on-the-ground approach to bullying and self- acceptance that is nothing short of magical. Watch Your Delivery is Gabriella’s third and latest book, based on one of her popular presentations of the same name. 

“We as a society have dropped the ball on Human Kindness®”, says Gabriella. “Will you help me pick it up? One moment, one person, one kindness—is all it takes to help someone go from a negative space to a positive place. BE the difference.” Gabriella has been seen by millions on Dr. Phil, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. She also writes for the Huffington Post and the NY Daily News. 

#DaretobeKind a Global Movement

Now is the time for Kindness to grow more Kindness.

The vision is a SAFER world.

The method is KINDNESS.

The vehicle is YOU!


Speaker reel:

Dr. Phil show: 












Speaking at Tulare Union High School:  

Watch Your Delivery book:

I Can Find My Might (children’s) book:  

With All My Might book: