0003: Keith Higgs - An Earth Voyager and Author

“Keith Higgs has lived an interesting and exceptional life.

A hippie search for truth; twenty years of International Christian-based voluntary work; Editing and publishing talks and inspirational audios; Building a successful computer business—then watching it crash; Two marriages, eight children and six stepchildren; Building a MLM business, Learning from the masters of personal growth; Attending and assisting at talks and workshops; Studying NLP, healing and speaking skills; Building a social media platforms of thousands; Travelling many countries.

His combined skills, common sense, learnings and accumulated wisdom have flowed into ‘Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love - a Manual and Guidebook for Life’s Journey.’

Here is a man who has lived and learnt. He has a passion to share his truths, values, and beliefs with many.”

Excerpt From: Keith Higgs. “Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love.” 


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0002: Jacqueline Hollows - Social Enterprise Founder

Through one2one coaching and group workshops, Beyond Recovery uses a psychosocial paradigm called the 3 Principles to create change and tap into the source of unlimited peace of mind and wellbeing.  Everything else, such as sustainable recovery; thriving businesses; happy relationships; and financial security, follows.

We work with people impacted (whether personally or professionally) by

✩ addictions

✩ mental health issues 

✩ criminal justice system

Beyond Recovery's social mission is to challenge the way addiction and mental health is viewed and treated.

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Send Jacqueline an email to:jacqueline@beyond-recovery.co.uk

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0001: Richard Tubb - IT Business Owner

On a day to day basis, Richard provides expert advice to help grow IT businesses. He works with the owners of IT businesses to help them free up their time, concentrate on doing what is important and making more money.

Speaking, training, and consultancy work in this sphere keeps him up to date with the wider IT industry.

Richard is passionate about:-

  • Social Responsibility – the environment, green issues, conservation and local community.
  • Professionalism in IT – raising the bar within the IT industry and helping IT to be seen alongside other vocations such as Accountancy or Law.

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