0029: Joy Langley - The Thought Catcher, Counsellor, Life Coach, CBT Therapist and Emotional Skills Training for Men

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Joy Langley is a counsellor, life coach & cognitive behavioural therapist and an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy in the UK. She has helped individuals understand & challenge their unique emotional glitches for over a decade, re-igniting their desire for greater success in personal and business relationships confidence, courage and action-man-ability happiness & inner peace.

Joy began her therapy career in the public sector in 2005, assisting college teenagers and young adults through emotionally tense academic and personal issues.  

Joy says: 

“A personal problem is distressing whatever life-stage you are at. This is the main reason I focus on using easy-to understand language and tools, with a dose of humour to help psychological ideas stick."