0042: Harun Rabbani - Author and Premier Speaker on Leadership and Self-Mastery

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Since the age of 12, Harun Rabbani has been immersed in entrepreneurship. His work spans across 8 industries and has primarily focused on influencing transformational change. He is an award-winning trainer, speaker and author. Today, Harun specialises in helping highly ambitious leaders to inspire, influence and impact on the lives of their clients by making better decisions. 

You are the sum of all your decisions. Your life and business reality is nothing but all those micro-decisions you’ve made every day. Become a better leader by learning how to make better decisions.

Harun Rabbani is a premier speaker on Leadership and Self-Mastery. As a presenter, he delivers cutting-edge ideas and insights that help individuals to become influential decision-makers. This helps individuals get extraordinary results, teams to attain peak perform and organisations to make a massive difference to the people, the planet and their profits.

Since 1986, Harun has been helping individuals and organisations to attain unbeatable results and has worked with organisations such Olympus KeyMed, Gyrus International, Junior Chamber International, Young Directors’ Forum, Birmingham Rathbone and many more.

In his quest to understand the link between personal performance and global transformation, Harun has investigating the synergy between science and consciousness since 2007. As a result, he has worked to some of the world’s pioneers in quantum science, psychology and transformational leaders.

Harun believes that we are the first generation of humans to be able to consciously evolve individually and as a species. A peaceful, abundant and harmonious world is within our reach. It is up to individuals to step up to the plate and take responsibility as visionary heart-centred leaders.

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