0028: Kul Mahay - The Immersion Coach, helping leaders become Outstanding

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"I want to change the world through the transformation of how people think."

Kul is a former senior police officer, having served at the highest levels of leadership for the past 20 years. 

He works with successful people to overcome challenges that they don’t want others to know about.  He has worked with clients around the world who have owned businesses or been in senior leadership positions. Outwardly, they had all the signs of success but inwardly they are all human and struggle with the same issues, predominantly most of which are manifested within our mind. 

He is the founder of one of the fastest growing inner leadership events in the UK, IGNITE YOUR INNER POTENTIAL™, which is part of his mission to help people and communities understand that they can live life on their own terms and very successfully at that. Kul says. “All we need to do is wake up from the trance that is our conditioning. I have done just that and there is no reason why anyone else couldn’t.”

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/ignite-your-inner-potential - January 21st, 2018






Smash The Habit: 16 Steps to a New Life - http://amzn.eu/05cQS3k

0013: Scott Watson - Emotional Intelligence Coach and Trainer

An international consultant, executive coach and leadership speaker with extensive knowledge and experience in developing emotionally intelligent leaders and managers, clients enjoy Scott’s collaborative, results-focused and incisive collaboration.

Scott’s extensive, in-depth research in to leadership, entrepreneurship and business optimisation has successfully identified the methods, beliefs, habits and standards leaders and entrepreneurs must understand and emulate to achieve the level of personal effectiveness and business success they want and need.  And clients, and their organisations benefit greatly from this extremely effective yet little known support.

Appointed by business leaders and human resources directors globally to optimise the effectiveness of leaders, managers and teams, clients include General Electric, Radisson BLU Hotels & Resorts, AXA, DHL Express, TNT Post, Ministry of Defence (UK) and many other organisations.