The 'Share Your Story' Podcast Series

To book your interview with me, please have a look at my diary below and select an appropriate date and time.  I am really looking forward to having you on the show.

To learn about the full Podcast Interview process, you can download the Guest Guide right HERE or another link will be visible after booking and will also be emailed.

The ‘Share Your Story’, podcast series are interviews with business people who run their own businesses. They are Micro-enterprises with between 1-9 employees only. 

The purpose of the interview is for the listener to learn about how Micro-enterprises got started. They will share a bit about their own personal life story and most of the interview will be focused on their business, the joys, the challenges and the vision.

You could be a business professional who may be looking  to set up their own business but haven’t got the courage or knowledge yet to do so. The interviews may inspire you to take the leap and take action.

Thank you for listening and if you managed to get some value from it, feel free to share the podcast with your networks.

Oh and if you know someone who might be interested in appearing on the show, please ask them to get in touch with me or they can complete the form below.

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