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Whiteboard Animation is suitable for large and small organisations. I have delivered projects for large corporates and micro businesses. Customers love these animations, as generally we can create anything you want.

I work with freelancers who are professionals that assist me in delivering these projects. I hire voiceovers, illustrators and script writers if needed. By hiring freelancers it allows me the flexibility to deliver projects close to specification, on time and within budget.

The process is quite simple. It all starts with a draft script or outline story that you write and then I take over and proceed with the project as follows.

  1. Editing of the script to assist in making it story friendly for the whiteboard animation.

  2. Creating a suggested visual description of how the whiteboard will play out including black and white sketches to form a storyboard.

  3. Getting the professional voiceover recorded.

  4. Managing the project using Trello, an online project management tool. You will be invited to join this service. It avoids having to email back and forth.

  5. Establishing branding parameters and obtaining those assets from you.

  6. Producing a first draft in hi-definition and transferred via


  1. 1080p HD quality animation video(s), incorporating, storyboard, design of animation assets, animation, 2 rounds of amends, post production, royalty free music track, mixing of music, voiceover where appropriate, HD video file.

  2. Prices valid April - June 2018

  3. In order for me to produce an accurate quotation, please complete the 'Whiteboard Animation Fact Find’, which can be found below.

  4. Prices are an indication only and a final quotation will be provided after a review of the 'Whiteboard Animation Fact Find'.

  5. Marketing channels may affect the price of a professional voiceover. TV advertising will attract a premium.

  6. 2D Animation can also be incorporated, where appropriate but will have to be costed separately and will be in addition to costings shown above.

  7. Delivery times are approximately 10 - 15 days, from approved storyboard.

  8. Projects with multiple animations will be costed appropriately and will automatically qualify for a discount.

  9. All projects are managed online using Trello to transfer branding assets, script versions, video transfer and communication. Trello is free to use and allows links to external file storage, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. You will be invited to a Trello board once set up. A mobile app is also available.

  10. 50% payment upfront and 50% payment upon completion.

  11. Prices are subject to VAT @20%

  12. Drafts will be submitted with a watermark.

  13. Transfer of HD video file will be provided via without watermark once balance payment has been received.

To assist you in estimating your story time, please review your script word count.

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Whiteboard Animation Fact Find

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