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Hello and thank you so much for stopping by. Here you will find a few examples of our joint work titled 'Michael & Josh'.  Perhaps explore and view this as if you are wondering around an art gallery and browse it with an open mind and a child-like curiosity. Michael provides the direction and production and Josh creates the art, the illustrations and design input to make Michael's ideas come alive. A true partnership that has developed over several years and translates into stories for organisations and celebrities. Often those stories appear as Whiteboard Animations. We truly hope you will enjoy our gallery.

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One of our weekly cartoons got found by the directors of a fantastic documentary about ‘Mad Mike Hughes aka Rocketman. Mike is out to prove that the Earth is flat by building his own rocket and travelling into space. The documentary follows his journey. A heart warming story about a man on a mission. The Directors Toby Brusseau and Michael Linn were looking for something to end the documentary when they found our cartoon. Toby kindly redid the trailer and added our cartoon at the end in a very similar way it appears at the end of the documentary. Make sure you watch right to the end. 


Weekly Cartoon Series

Below you will find a video playlist with our weekly Whiteboard Animation cartoons. We hope you enjoy them. On average we will publish a new cartoon each week. 

Whiteboard Animation Playlist below.

Baby Trump Series

With the advent of Donald Trump as president of the USA, we took the opportunity of creating a political satire series of cartoons. And the series will be ongoing as new stories emerge about the most talked about US President in history.

EU Referendum 2016 Series

During the United Kingdom EU referendum, we were inspired to create a series of Super Hero cartoons to capture the ridiculous way that our trusted politicians were behaving. With David Cameron as Batman, George Osborne as Robin, Michael Gove as Spiderman, Boris Johnson as The Hulk and Theresa May as Wonder Woman. Long may some of them reign until they fall by the hand of a new Super Hero.

Storytelling Series

The images shown here have been used for blogposts or sharing as content. They are general in nature although there's always a story behind each one.

Whiteboard Animation Series

Whiteboard Animation is so versatile and lends itself perfectly to Storytelling. Start with a great story and add some drawings, let them appear gradually, literally drawing in the brain and you have a magic recipe for long term retention. Here we're sharing some images from our productions.

Whiteboard Animation Playlist

A collection of work done for our clients over the years. We aren't always allowed to show all our work because of privacy agreements. We hope you enjoy our work and will be inspired to use the medium to share your own story.

Facebook vs LinkedIn Groups

Frustrated with the lack of functionality inside LinkedIn Groups, we decided to compare them with Facebook Groups functionality. There's no doubt that Facebook wins the battle of the super heroes.

Facebook vs LinkedIn Groups.png