Hello and welcome to my world. Thanks for engaging with me either face to face, on LinkedIn or some other digital network. I have created a welcome pack and if you scroll down you will see some sections with information that I believe you will find useful. Whether you are into marketing, social media, job searching, career progressing or just chilling, I believe there's something here for everyone. Just scroll through and stop when you see something that grabs your attention. 

Feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it when you have some free time. I am always happy to receive feedback on what I'm sharing. Enjoy, Michael.


I’m no author. I’d like to think I’m a storyteller but I’m more like a story facilitator, helping you to craft your best story and allowing your digital community to have a closer connection with you.

By far the biggest mistake I see people make is that they write profile summaries in the 3rd person, like they are a big celebrity and their agent has written a bio page for them. Maybe you’re a speaker and your agent writes it for you?

It creates such a distance between your reader, your audience and yourself, because it’s not personal and definitely does not create any sense of intimacy.

When you write a profile, bio or summary page about yourself, write as if you are sitting opposite someone, explaining your story. Of course share what you do in business, cool, but make it more personal because that’s the most interesting part of who you are.

Write 'WHY' you do what you do, what circumstances, opportunities got you into what you are doing today or if you haven’t found what you wish to do yet, what is grabbing your interest the most, what aspirations do you have?

Share something personal about your life too, maybe how you have moved around, how that enabled you to see the world in a different light, what effect did it have on you?

Always write in the first person, ‘I’ instead of ‘She/He’.

Got it?

Value Proposition

In July 2018, I reviewed my business model from the bottom up by attending a few courses run by Birmingham City University. It included having a few mentoring sessions with a marketing professional and it inspired me to create a clear value proposition for my business.

This video is the result of that work. Hope it allows you to get a sense of it. Let me know what you think.


LinkedIn Lectures

Throughout 2017 I delivered a total of 22 webinars on the topic of LinkedIn. I named the series LinkedIn Lectures and I gave them away for free. Depending on when you read this, I will have stopped the webinars in December 2017 and I am winding down all my LinkedIn training as to be honest I have stopped being really passionate about LinkedIn. My passion is Whiteboard Animation and Storytelling.

But I have great news, I recorded all the lectures (13+ hours worth) and I am sharing the course here for just £10/$10, depending on your local currency. I hope you enjoy it and be sure to leave a review on the course too. Thank you so much! 🙌


Happy learning!

A bit more about me...

Michael de Groot -  @stayingaliveuk

Michael de Groot - @stayingaliveuk

Great to be connected on LinkedIn. 

A bit more about me: I have lived in the UK now for over 40 years!  My father was Dutch and my mother was Anglo-Indian. My father was posted to London with work and he was given a choice.  It was either the US Virgin Islands or London.  Well, my Mum had a very English upbringing hence the 'Anglo' in front of Indian and of course she chose London.  Don't get me wrong I now love the UK and it's my home and I bet there isn't as much rain in the  US Virgin Islands.  I did visit it many years ago and it's gorgeous. (I know of course that after the 2017 hurricanes it may look a bit battered for now and hopefully she will get back to her beauty over time).

I hope all is great in your world and wish you success with all your projects and I look forward to keeping in touch.

For a bigger about me, you can visit my about webpage too.

Daily Cartoon

In February 2018, my illustrator Josh and I started our daily cartoon series using our Whiteboard Animation production.  I decide what the cartoon will cover and the direction of what I would like to see. Usually it will be tied to a recent news story, that way it will be more interesting for the viewer, whether they've heard the story or not.  I wanted Josh to draw something quite sketchy, so it's not that refined, coloured or finished. I personally really enjoy this style of storytelling.  Hope you enjoy them!

We basically will publish a new cartoon 3 times per week. We know that's not daily but what else should you call it?


Storytelling eBook

You probably realise by now that I love people’s stories and wrote a short eBook on why storytelling is so important.

I like to share it with my more recent connections on LinkedIn, so feel free to download it via this link. http://www.stayingaliveuk.com/storytelling-ebook

No list sign-up by the way, just a straight download.

It includes that great Infographic shown above, which illustrates how storytelling affects the brain.

The Infographic has been a big hit.

In the meantime I Iook forward to seeing and reading your stories too.

'Once Upon a Digital Time'

Written by Brian Solis, designed and illustrated by Gapingvoid

Written by Brian Solis, designed and illustrated by Gapingvoid

I am a massive fan of illustrator Hugh MacLeod, Co-Founder and Artistic Director at @gapingvoid. I receive their emails daily with a new illustration and I save every single one to a Pinterest board titled Cartoons with Meaning with over 1000 pins.

Ever so often they publish an e-book where they've collaborated with LinkedIn and an author or thought leader. This eBook is with Brian Solis on my favourite topic of 'Storytelling'. It's brilliant, it covers all the things I speak to my clients about day in day out.

Be sure to download it (no forms) and enjoy the writing and the illustrations, but most importantly start changing things and become a great storyteller yourself.


I came across the term 'micro-moments' when I attended a talk by Qasim Majid, the CEO of digital agency 'Wow-Zone' - https://www.wow-zone.com.

It made perfect sense to me at the time. According to Google 'Micro-moments' are critical touch points within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends.

'Share Your Story' Podcast

I started my own podcast recently, it's called 'Share Your Story' - a business owner biography, their story so far.

My purpose is to help inspire others to start their own business or indeed grow their business. Listening to real live examples is a great way to get inspired I feel.

I have had some great guests already, so if you are interested in having a listen to a few, you can find them on my website/blog. https://www.stayingaliveuk.com/podcast 

Let me know what you think and enjoy!

ps. I'm always looking for guests, so let me know if you're interested in appearing? The only qualifying criteria is that you run your own business and employ less than 9 employees. Just pick a date/time from the scheduler below. A link to the guest guide will be revealed after you book and will be emailed too.

Typewriting on Medium

Medium Typewriting.001.jpeg

In 2018, I decided to write some stories on Medium. These are short stories on just about anything that I come across in daily life and makes an impact on me mentally. It's my way of downloading some of my thoughts, opinions and suggestions of making the world a better place. Awareness is often the best way to get you motivated to take action. Remember they are my opinions and sometimes I can be quite direct about making the point, it's the 'Dutch' in me that does that. I am not judging anyone or anything, it's just how I felt in the moment of experiencing the news, an event or experience. Hope you enjoy it and also check out Medium as a blogging platform as I believe they're someone to watch for the future.

What is Social Selling?

I'm always on the look out of great learning content.  I found Simon Kemp a few years ago and he has published some amazing data and Social Media stats in the past.

For now I'd like to share this amazing Slideshare he published in July 2017.  There's some great learning content in there.  He also published a great article, to explode more detail around it.

Go and have a look, I am sure you'll enjoy it.

Discovery Call

Thank you so much for being connected on LinkedIn. 

I was thinking... 

When we connect virtually it doesn't always explain the full story does it?   

For this very reason I decided to plan what I call a 'Discovery Call' with some of my LinkedIn connections. Completely optional of course.  

You can book one via: https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/michael482

Hope to chat really soon? 

Personalised Consultation Session

I hope you had a chance to download my eBook titled 'Why is Storytelling so Important?

But don't worry if you didn't, because most people download eBooks and never read them.  I am just as guilty as the rest.  

I was inspired by a fellow marketer to cure this problem.  He suggested that I get in touch with you to offer you a FREE Personalised Consultation session on the subject of Storytelling. I hear you, what's the catch?

There isn't one, I promise. No sales routine, no funnel, no hidden magic, hypnosis, NLP or anything to get you to buy a thing, nothing. So why am I doing it?  I see so many profiles in my work where people write what they do instead of sharing their story and I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible to become better storytellers.

You may if you wish of course, but only if you are 100% delighted, to write me a recommendation on LinkedIn after you received the consultation. But it's not part of the deal, totally not.

So what's the next step? Very simple.  

Just schedule a 45-minute virtual meet-up with me via Skype. To book a Personalised Consultation session with me just click the button or follow the link below. 

Storytelling Webinar

I delivered a webinar to some experts in the USA and shared with them why storytelling is important and what happens to all of us when we hear stories.  Did you realise that you are in fact the biggest storyteller in your life? The webinar recording is just 20 minutes and by the end of it you will think totally differently about storytelling. It's well worth the watch even if I say it myself.

LinkedIn Lectures pass it forward

As you may have read earlier, I spent the good part of 12 months creating my best ever LinkedIn e-course. You may have attended one of my LinkedIn Lectures webinars. Well, I recorded every single webinar and used the recordings to create a very detailed and comprehensive e-course. 

Well, they're all the fashion these days, so why not.

So I'm sharing another link and this time it's for you to pass on to someone you know, it could be a family member, a friend or even a stranger who you've noticed needs some help with their LinkedIn profile.

Normally the e-course is priced at £90 ($130) and I have discounted it to just £10 ($13). Just share the link below with whoever you wish.


It could be for a student or a jobseeker or anyone in business for themselves. Oh and maybe teachers, my word they really need to learn this stuff, for sure.

Anyway, happy sharing!

Keep in touch with me!

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