To truly understand your buyer you have to listen


Social Selling is a philosophy that captures creativity in the sales process and encourages growing your professional network and building close relationships. It's what we do naturally with everyone we meet face to face. But now we can do almost 70% via social networks and specifically via LinkedIn. 

We are all buyers. Our buying habits are governed by how much we respect and admire the brands we buy from. In Social Selling it's no different, except you are the product. With the birth of Social Media we have all become ’Personal Brands’ overnight. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's true. The saying 'people buy from people' has never been more appropriate. Buyers are so much better informed about your profile on the web and more importantly about your behaviour. 

Whether you are a micro business or you work as a sales professional in a large corporate, you will have to ensure that your personal brand is presented in the best possible way and then leverage it appropriately. 

Social Selling is the fourth and last stage in my LinkedIn training programme, which is called ’Sell’.

To learn more you can download a free eBook, which I curated in the middle of 2014. I asked 33 thought leaders around the world to participate in creating this eBook. It's a great read and whether you are a seasoned social seller or just starting to learn about this very fascinating revolution, I highly recommend.

Download the eBook via this link. 33 Social Selling Success tips.

I also deliver a live talk at your event for your senior management or your sales and marketing professionals on ’Are Your Storytelling Yet?’ for 60 minutes at £350 + travel expenses. Learn about all my training HERE.


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