The free resources bundle below contains useful articles, blogposts and eBooks to assist your Social Selling and Digital Marketing Journey.

You might have attended one of my recent LinkedIn Masterclass sessions or you have connected with me on LinkedIn and other Social Media channels. This is by way of a personal thank you from me to you.  I hope you find something in this bundle that will inspire you to take action on changing just one thing in your approach in the Digital World. Check back often, as I will be adding new and useful items regularly.

Wishing you success and look forward to seeing you on LinkedIn. 

Resources list: (Click on the highlighted text to access the material or be redirected to other pages and websites)

  1. Download eBook 'Social Selling Success Tips', to support you with tips and ideas for improving your activity on Social Media including LinkedIn.
  2. Download eBook 'Crossing the Chasm' - How to Capitalize on the Social Selling Trend.
  3. Download '20-minute per day checklist', to help you follow a disciplined method for mastering your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Do Social Networks sell drugs? Learn about the psychology of Social Media.
  5. Connect with me on LinkedIn by following the following link:
  6. A campaign strategy for your career. Article from HBR.ORG.
  7. Plan your professional development for the year. Article from HBR.ORG.
  8. Please find below a playlist of useful and some funny videos, to get you thinking about how to use LinkedIn.
  9. Please find below the presentation, which I used on the 27th July.
  10. Article on why you should 'always personalise your invitations to connect on LinkedIn'.
  11. Brand new resource 'Dozens of Social Seller Secrets on Researching Buyers on LinkedIn' | Brynne Tillman
  12. Download my eBook on 'Why Storytelling is so important'
  13. Storytelling additional content, research and ideas for storytelling. Download via this link.
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