I am a Storyteller. I am passionate about creating engaging Whiteboard Animation stories for you and your business. I love freelancing for creative agencies too.

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Whiteboard Animation Stories can be useful for:

  • Product and/or service promotion

  • Explainer and Tutorial videos

  • E-Learning

  • Call to action

  • Squeeze pages

  • Website home page

  • CV/Resumé

  • Social Media profiles and posts

  • Turn into animated GIFS

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Whiteboard Animation Stories

We all love stories. We read books, watch TV and visit the Cinema to satisfy our appetite for stories. We also love drawing whether we’re any good at it or not. And watching a story unfold through the medium of drawings right in front of our eyes captivates our imagination. For me Whiteboard Animation is the modern storytelling medium for the web. Discover more about how you can ’Share your Story'.