Special discounted offers for attendees of LinkedIn Lectures Live

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As mentioned during LinkedIn Lectures Live, here you can access your discounted offers. 

Whether you are looking to improve your profile, develop your career prospects or generate leads for sales, being able to master LinkedIn is an essential requirement in the new world of Social Selling and personal branding.

The offers listed or links to other pages to purchase are:

  1. LinkedIn Lectures e-course, included all past webinars, additional material and future webinar content for just £10 with lifetime access.
  2. LinkedIn Business Growth Bootcamp presentations by 25 LinkedIn experts.  Over 25 hours worth of amazing content.  Amazing value at just $197.
  3. Demio webinar technology that I use personally. A one-to-one demo with the co-founder David Abrams and a $50 discount on any webinar package you purchase.
  4. LinkedIn Lectures Coaching packages.  A paid for Coaching Session, normally priced at £120, discounted by 25% to £90 for 60-minutes, which also includes 30-days worth of FREE email support, directly with me.  

If you have any questions, message me via the contact form  ~ Michael.

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In March 2017, 25 LinkedIn experts held a week long business growth Bootcamp, presented and curated by Adèle McLay a Kiwi living in London.  I covered one of THE most important features in LinkedIn, 'Search'.  My presentation is a hands-on demonstration with regard to LinkedIn and also LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

The whole bootcamp is available with lifelong access.  Just follow the short link to gain access:



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Cost } $197


Offer }

Earn $50 in Demio Credit for attending a live webinar with the co-founder. Be sure to mention me!  I like it so much I became an affiliate.

As you will have seen I use Demio for my webinars.  It is by far THE best webinar platform I have ever used and that's because most are not great.  Two young founders have created a great platform and if you wish to experience it, I highly recommend that you check it out.  This offer allows you to receive a 1-on-1 walk through with the co-founder David Abrams.  He's a great guy.

Do make sure to mention me and I wish you success with Demio.  Any questions at all I am happy to answer them, just reach out via the contact form above.