Storytelling on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Training

Master LinkedIn and Sales Navigator and doors will start to open...

I decided to teach ’The Stages of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator®’ to develop a sensible structure around how to absorb all the different elements that LinkedIn and Sales Navigator has to offer. 'The Stages of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator®’ are Profile, Grow, Behave, Sales Navigator and Social Sales.

Each week I will deliver a LIVE WEBINAR to help you navigate LinkedIn and update you on the latest changes and developments. These lectures will not be available on replay and are delivered live each week. LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. Whether you wish to develop your career or develop your business success, LinkedIn is an essential tool. Register below for your live attendance.  Each webinar lecture will be about 45 minutes long.  I look forward to seeing you there!

  • Get the latest updates and changes on LinkedIn.

  • Learn how to develop a great profile on LinkedIn.

  • Understand how to 'Share Your Story' on LinkedIn.

  • This webinar is appropriate if you are new to LinkedIn, looking for a job/career move or you are using LinkedIn for lead generation.

  • All webinars are live and will not be available on replay.

  • This webinar series will be FREE for a limited period only.

Register below for the weekly live webinar.

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In order to assist you with your training budget, please find below indicative pricing for training delivered live via the web or in person at your premises. I'm happy to discuss your specific requirements and prepare a customised proposal.

  1. Classroom Training: ½ day group of up to 5 at your premises - £600 + travel expenses.
  2. Classroom Training: ½ day group of up to 10 at your premises - £1200 + travel expenses.
  3. Webinar Live: 60 minutes One to One Coaching (including recording) 60 minutes at £120 per person, per single stage or all stages at £500.
  4. Webinar Live: 60 Minutes Group Training (including recording) at £90 per person, per single stage or all stages at £350. 
  5. Live Talk: at your event for your senior management or your sales and marketing professionals on ’What's Social Selling?’ for 1 hour at £350 + travel expenses.
  6. Self Study Video Courses: 'Mastering Your Profile on LinkedIn', 2 hours at £35 ($50) or 'LinkedIn Student', 4 hours at £35 ($50). 

Note: all prices are subject to 20% VAT.

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  1. What is Webinar Live Group Training? Watch a live training session via Webinar online and learn one of the Stages in each webinar. Duration is 60-minutes and will be recorded. This will be a one-way transmission only.
  2. What is Webinar Live one to one Coaching? Engage on a one to one basis with full audio and video online in a coaching session for your own personal requirements. Only one attendee per webinar.

All training delivered will include 30-days free email support.