Online is great and talking or a meeting is even greater. Everyone's ultimate goal in business and life is to make real connections, where you meet someone face to face. Before that meeting a conversation could be the ultimate icebreaker.

Below you will find 5 different ways we could meet and I could help you expand your knowledge. 1 of those is a Podcast Interview, which is reserved for business leaders with 0-9 employees, who I interview to learn about their journey in business to inspire others.

The last 2 are  paid for coaching sessions. I hope there is one in the list that will inspire you to click through.  I look forward to working with you.

Discovery call

Allow 20 minutes to help expand our knowledge about each other beyond just a online connection.


LinkedIn Lunch

Allow 2 hours for lunch. We go Dutch  and I will answer any of your questions about LinkedIn.  Is there a catch?  Nope but if you were happy with the advice, you may be willing to write a few lines on my LinkedIn profile by way of recommendation.

LinkedIn Lectures Coaching

Allow 60 minutes for a one to one coaching session on anything to do with LinkedIn and help you Share Your Story'.

Coaching Session

Allow 60 minutes for a one to one coaching session on any subject to do with online digital marketing or mindfulness.