We produce bespoke and visually impactful cartoons and animation campaigns, engaging audiences and giving them a unique insight into an organisation’s story and value proposition.

Discuss your Storytelling project with me on +44 (0)7866 471596 or complete the short form. You can also book a call in my online calendar.

Below I have shared my current ongoing story divided into chapters for easier digestion. Just scroll mindfully, click either on the image, the title or the blue button to dive a bit deeper. Enjoy!


chapter 1 - whiteboard animation

We all love stories. We read books, watch TV and visit the Cinema to satisfy our appetite for stories. We also love drawing whether we’re any good at it or not. And watching a story unfold through the medium of drawings right in front of our eyes captivates our imagination. For me Whiteboard Animation is the modern storytelling medium for the web. Discover more about how you can ’Share your Story'.

Primary Benefits for You.

  1. Receive consultancy and guidance to maximise the impact of your creative campaigns and ensuring their fitness for purpose.

  2. Develop campaigns with the potential to improve your reach, brand awareness and ultimately sales and profits.

  3. Receive an end to end production planning and strategic campaign service.

What makes us Unique?

  1. We listen carefully and create visually impactful business story campaigns.

  2. We act as your Chief Storyteller, supporting strategic and business objectives with creative campaigns.

  3. We could potentially also be involved with a campaign's pre-production process and subsequent performance.

  4. We have spent significant time and resource to develop our knowledge and expertise in sales, marketing and storytelling.

chapter 2 - Why is Storytelling so Important? - EBOOK -

As a Marketer, you have a tough job in getting our undivided attention and you consistently need to reinvent yourself and your marketing campaigns.  In this eBook I explain why through storytelling you are able to get the attention of the viewer or listener. There's something that happens, which almost can't be explained.  As humans we are literally hard-wired to love stories.

chapter 3 - michael and josh

Here you will find a few examples of our joint work titled 'Michael & Josh'.  Perhaps explore and view this as if you are wondering around an art gallery and browse it with an open mind and a child-like curiosity.

Michael provides the direction and production and Josh creates the art, the illustrations and design input to make Michael's ideas come alive. A true partnership that has developed over several years and translates into stories for organisations and celebrities. We truly hope you will enjoy our gallery.

chapter 4 - podcast

The ‘Share Your Story’, podcast series are interviews with business people who run their own businesses. They are Micro-enterprises with between 1-9 employees only. 

The purpose of the interview is for you, the listener, to learn about how Micro-enterprises got started in business. They will share a bit about their own personal life story and most of the interview will be focused on their business, the joys, the challenges and the vision.

You the listener are likely a business professional who may be looking or wishing to set up your own business but haven’t got the courage yet to do so. The interview and what they do may inspire you to take the leap forward and take action.

chapter 5 - Medium

Stuff I notice across the digital and the physical, which makes me want to make a statement.

I do most of my blogging now on Medium. I love the platform, there are no adverts and there are good writers on there too. My regular writing is in a publication called 'Typewriting'. They are only very short blogs and more frequent then I have written in the past. Maybe it will be a book one day.

chapter 6 - Weekly Cartoon

In 2018 we started a daily cartoon and then switched to a weekly one, as I felt that it was getting too much to come up with new and original ideas every day. A weekly cartoon it is now and we'll keep doing them until we get bored I guess.


chapter 7 - Let's talk

Online is great and talking or a meeting is even greater. Everyone's ultimate goal in business and life is to make real connections, where you meet someone face to face. Before that meeting a conversation could be the ultimate icebreaker. You can schedule a call, a virtual meeting or a physical meeting by going to my calendar page. Takes literally 2 minutes that. Speak soon!

chapter 8 - culture wall

Inspired by my favourite artist @gapingvoid whose cartoons I have been collecting for years and as a consequence I have acquired 1000+ images on my Pinterest board. Gapingvoid Culture Design Group creates culture walls inside companies with physical illustrations to inspire the Culture in the organisation.

I have done the same but mine is virtual. Go and check it out, it's so cool, even if I say it myself.

chapter 9 - About Michael

My journey started in Amsterdam, where I was born. I've lived in Surinam, Ireland and most of my life in the UK.

I started my working career in London in Textiles and stayed in this industry for a massive 28 years. I experienced the whole supply chain and was lucky enough to have sat on executive boards, helping shape and direct companies and more specifically the sales, marketing and design functions.

chapter 10 - Hire me

If you're convinced, well it's super easy, just go ahead and get in touch. So many ways that you can get in touch with me. Complete a form, send an email, pick up the phone, message me on Social. 

Look forward to speaking soon!

chapter 11 - Mind Mapping Mastery – Smart Working: Ecourse

This course teaches you how to use mind maps to think more clearly and increase personal productivity. You’ll learn how to save time on any task that requires planning, preparation, and clarity. You'll learn the important principles of mind mapping and HOW and WHY this tool enhances learning, understanding, and memory.

By following this e-course STEP-BY-STEP, and not trying to rush ahead, you'll ensure that you are able to maximise the effectiveness of the technique, streamline your thought processes and thereby become more productive using this brain-friendly technique.

You'll be taught how to develop and use this powerful productivity tool in a unique and effective way. The e-course is hosted on Udemy.com and every month they have special offers on, which means you will be able to get the course at a fantastic discount.

chapter 12 - Welcome

Hello and welcome to my world. if we have just connected on LinkedIn, I appreciate being part of your digital network. I have created a welcome pack and if you click through you will see some sections with information that I believe you will find useful. Whether you are into marketing, social media, job searching, career progressing or just chilling, I believe there's something here for everyone. 

I am always happy to receive feedback on what I'm sharing. Enjoy, Michael.

chapter 13 - Blog

I do most of my writing on Medium nowadays but you will still find some fabulous articles inside my old blog, just hop over to it and I'm sure you will find something worthy, or just type in any search term you wish and see what comes up!


Chapter 14 - values and guiding principles

Staying Alive UK's values and guiding principles are a bit different from the norm. I focus on values that focus on my relationship with individuals/clients instead of corporate mumbo jumbo. It may still appear as mumbo jumbo to you although I have tried to explain it in simple english.

There are 3 key values: Coherence, Understanding and Completeness. Under each value are 3 bullet points that explain what is meant with that value.

In addition as per my Culture Wall I have written up the culture guiding principles to live by on a day to day basis. They are 20 in total and supported by great images, which you will find in the google slides as well.

Would be great to hear your insights about them.

chapter 15 - Everybody In: How to end homelessness in Great Britain

I am an active volunteer with Crisis UK and passionate about helping to end homelessness in Great Britain.

There are 236,000 homeless people in Britain. If we carry on as we currently are, this is expected to double in the next 25 years. Other countries have shown how a coordinated plan can greatly reduce homelessness - that's why we need a long-term plan to end it for good in Britain. 

In June 2018 Crisis published Everybody In: How to end homelessness in Great Britain. A national plan to end homelessness, setting out the long-term solutions which, if adopted, could end homelessness in Great Britain for good. The plan contains solutions for the long term, building on what we know already know works here and proven interventions that have ended forms of homelessness in other countries. It shows how much these would cost, along with the policy changes needed to get us there.

Download the full plan by clicking the button below.

Chapter 16 - Business model canvas for staying alive uk ltd

In June 2018 I attended 5 half-day 'Growing You' workshops at Birmingham City University, plus 5 hours of mentoring to have a closer look at my own business and it's strategy, progress and examine what it takes for a business to grow. I have never ever done anything like this for my business and as it was free to attend, including a free diagnostic, it was actually amazing value for me.  As a consequence I created a document that allowed me to include all the detail about my business on one page. It is actually 2 pages, 1 for my business model and one for my business strategy and I'm really delighted with both.

I am sharing with you here my business model, as this one is probably the most appropriate for any business, especially the 'Value Proposition'. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or of you would like my template in a google sheet, just let me know.

Chapter 17 - japanese taiko drumming

Wyre Forest Taiko is a brand new participatory arts education project for adults & children starting in February 2019 at The Civic, Martins Way, Stourport on Severn, DY13 8UJ.

Come and join us for high-energy, hands-on Japanese Taiko Drumming Workshops, led by one the UK’s leading Taiko teachers, James Barrow of Taiko West. No previous drumming experience is necessary.

You can register for a place via the online form shown on the page when you click the blue button below or click the book now button at the top of our Facebook page.